How to Transform Short Hair to Long Hair? Three Easy, Affordable Steps

Long, thick hair to numerous is an extravagance nowadays. Hard to keep solid and in great condition, large portions of us choose shorter more functional easy hairstyles step by step our everyday haircut. Think about any big name with long, thick tresses and 90% of the time they will be showcasing costly human hair augmentations that take hours to put in-a considerable measure of bother for those without the time and riches. 

Since Greek times, long hair has been an indication of wellbeing and riches. The utilization of long hair as an image of magnificence, shrewdness, quality and gentility shows up over and over in old mythology, for example, the tale of Samson and Delilah, Lady Godiva, Medusa, and numerous Navajo stories and convictions. All in all, without burning up all available resources, how would you get from a boyish pixie hair style to Cheryl Cole's extravagant locks (and from everything in the middle)? 

Step 1: Natural Look or Celebrity Style? For an all out blowing some people's minds impact, go for a complete shading change (even the Elizabethans purchased red wigs to mimic the Queen, like the rage for red hair taking after Cheryl's new style on X Factor!) or pick a superstar style wig, including the now scandalous Lady Gaga styles, Cheryl Cole or the Kardashian sisters. For a more characteristic look, you can utilize cut in hair wefts to coordinate your own particular shading. These are one-piece expansions that include even length and thickness over the width of your head in only a couple of simple snaps. 

Step 2: Choose a radical new haircut or give the presence of long hair utilizing a long braid. Present day wigs are no more the overwhelming, bothersome costly frill the past. Warm agreeable Kanekelon fiber now implies delicate, sensible looking wigs which you can style with tongs or straighteners. Smooth and jazzy Pony tails are currently accessible available in straight, wavy or wavy styles in a scope of lengths-medium length to mid-back. Simple to apply, they can either cut into your own particular hair or be safely connected utilizing a drawstring connection. 

Step 3: Complete the change from short to long hair in less than 5 minutes. On the off chance that you have picked a complete new haircut utilizing a wig, ensure you utilize a wig top which holds your hair set up, without irregularities or knocks, regardless of how short or long your genuine hair is. In the event that you are Pure Natural  joining a pig tail, rub your hair into a little bun around which you can then connect your long hair. For help on applying hair wefts

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